About us

Free movies bucket : watch free movies on line with out sign-up, with out login and with out even downloading.

Free Movies Bucket is a website with lots of users around the wold who have the hobby of watching movies in their free time. In the time of searching movie to watch, they come here and send us the links to the online videos they watch. We use the link and add to the site so other user can watch the movie more easily.

We try our best to make the site the most convienient for every visitor to enjoy watching movie when on our site. With that we will updating cooler and cooler features time by time. If you can think of a nice feature that you or most users will love to have, please send u a message at our contact page. We will reply shortly and let you know how cool the feature would be, and will add to the site in the shortest time as possible.

If you are here and you love our site, please tell your friends and help our community to grow as fast as possible. Bring movies to your friend's computer. Build up a small theather in their home.

Remember you can watch full free movies online without sign up,  login or download on this website.