What is Free Movies Bucket?

Free Movies Bucket is a free online movies collection for for 7th Art lovers. Here you can watch or view movies' infomation totaly for free. Our user's contribution will give you the movie you need and watch online at anytime that is convenient for you.

How do I watch movies on Free Movies Bucket?

We provide you with powerful movies searching functionality. It is located at the top of our web page. Search for the movie you would like to watch and then just click Watch Online Now or go to detail page to view the information of the movie. You can search by movie title, ators/actresses' name/Genre/ or even director's name.  If you cannot search the movie you want, don't hesitate to request us at our contact page. Or you can browse movies by genres, or latest uploaded movies. You can also see other people are whatching with our new section showing what movies others visitors are watching in realtime. These sections are located on the right and very bottom of every pages.

What device do I need to use to watch movies?

Right now the best device to watch movies on our website is your PC or MAC, the browsers shoud be Chrome or IE for better perfomance. We not support well on mobile device right now because of 3rd party hosting the videos. We will work more on this convenient matter in the near future to serve you beter.

I see you have sign up button. Do I have to sign up to watch movies on Free Movies Bucket?

Free Movies Bucket is totaly a free service for watching online movies. You don't have to register with us to watch online movies.

Should I sign up?

Like the answer to the question above, you don't have to. But registering with us will help you up-to-date with our system, as we adding more and more cool features to serve viewers the best way. Besides the new functionality, you can control your own notification with new added movies on the genres of your choice. This will help you watch movies of your favourite genres when we add new movies to these genres.

Why there are popups showing when I click the play/pause buttons?

This is not our website function to make anoyance to you when you watch movie, this is the function from the 3rd party video hosting services. Since the hosting is free so there are some advertisment display when you click the play button.

What should I do when the loading icon keep spinning?

This is a typical network connection speed issue. What you can do is to wait for some seconds to mins in order to let the movie streaming finish its connection to the streaming server.If it take too long (more than 2 minutes), please hit F5 or refresh button on your browser to try to reconnect.

Can I request a movie?

Absolutly you can. Just go to our Contact Us page and drop us a line.